Avid Student of the Week


Photo courtesy of: Carly DeGirolomo

“I was proud to be chosen,” says Brianna Beaucha BYMS seventh grader, about being the Avid Student of the Week.

Mrs. Cyrus chose Brianna because “She is using all of the strategies we teach in Avid. She works hard in all of her assignments.”

Mrs. Cyrus also briefly described a particular project that Brianna has done. She says that “She was well prepared for a socratic seminar we had. She had good questions and responses, and wasn’t afraid to speak up when everyone else was.”

We asked Brianna about the activities she enjoys, she replied “I enjoy all of the activities such as TRF’s”

“Setting goals for my future.” was what Brianna said was challenging about this class. “Mrs. Cyrus is very kind and dedicated to teaching her students.”

Outside of school, Brianna swims and dances. She also said she runs.