Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir Go To Knott’s For Evaluation


Photo Courtesy of: www.googleimage.com

“It was so much fun and I wish I could go to Knott’s for choir every year! It’s too bad i’m in eighth grade, i loved performing and had a great time,” said Jimmy Jude, a member of Vocal Ensemble which is one of the two advanced choirs that went to Knott’s December 4.

Concert Choir, the all girls choir at BYMS, accompanied Vocal Ensemble to Knott’s Berry Farm for their yearly evaluation.

The choirs arrived at Knott’s around 10am then proceeded through the park got to venture on rides and wherever they please- as long as they stay in the park!, until their call-time at 3pm when they had to meet at the Calico Ranch stage.

Concert Choir took the stage first performing songs in various languages and complexity. Afterward, Vocal Ensemble joined them on stage and both choirs perform a song called “Christmas Sweater.”

“Overall the choirs did a great job. I am happy i stopped to see them,”said a bystander that listened to the choir’s performance.