Vocal Ensemble Performs At Brookdale Senior Center

Photo Courtesy of: www.googleimage.com

Photo Courtesy of: www.googleimage.com

“It was a once in a lifetime experience bonding with the guests at Brookdale and having the opportunity to talk to them and ask them what their favorite holiday memories are,” explained Justin Brawer, a member of Bernardo Yorbas top choir that performed at the senior center on December 2.

Mrs. Nason, choir and instrumentalist teacher at BYMS, had planned for Vocal Ensemble to perform at Brookdale for weeks in hope of spreading Christmas cheer to not just the kids in Yorba Linda.

When arriving at the center, Vocal Ensemble started off with singing their usual set: A hebrew song called “Hei Ne Metov,” a rendition of Jingle Bells sang in different ways called “Jingle Bells Through the Ages,” and many more.

After singing, the choir students gathered in groups and talked to the guests living at Brookdale that listened to their performance.

“I am so unbelievable proud of Vocal Ensemble for being so outgoing and talking to them without me asking them twice. We will definitely be doing something like this again,” Mrs. Nason told matador messenger.