Runners and Archers Earn 76 Medals


Photo Courtacy Of Mr. Sherman Shen

BYMS PE teacher, Mr. Gary Wilson, awarded medals to his top 76 seventh grade students for their achievements in archery and running in the beginning of November.

Some of the best lap times for two laps are Spencer Richmond running a 5:09 and Gabriela Duran running a 5:48. Every Wednesday, each student has 19 minutes to run three laps. By the fourth quarter, the time is down to 17 minutes.

For running laps, students were recognized for best times for 2 laps and for the number of laps they ran. There were 10 boys and 10 girls that earned medals for the top 2 lap times. For the number of laps a student ran, there were 12 boys and 11 girls that earned medals.

“I am more confident with my running since I won a medal because I know if I push hard enough I can be a better runner,” said Gabriela Duran.

In archery, medals were earned by 13 boys and 17 girls for the first quarter end score. For rounds, 5 boys earned medals and 8 girls earned medals

Mr. Wilson is the only PE teacher on campus to teach archery to his students. In archery, points are earned with ends and rounds. An end is six arrows scored with the first perfect score of 54 points. A round is three ends (18 arrows) with a perfect score of 162 points.

Mr. Wilson explained that he wants to recognize outstanding effort and achievement and to motivate students who might not be successful at other sports to consider running or cross country as a sport for the future.

“It was an amazing experience,” stated Alex Robinson, a medal winner.

“I have been teaching PE at BYMS for about 15 years and love teaching these students,” stated Mr. Gary Wilson.