Profile: Mr. Marshall

Photo courtesy of: Carly De Girolomo

Photo courtesy of: Carly De Girolomo

“My plans are to help students and teachers any way I can. Mr. Valburg and I want students to have a wonderful experience and create great memories at Bernardo,” stated Mr. Marshall, Bernardo Yorba Middle School (BYMS) Assistant Principal about his goals for Bernardo this year.

Mr. Marshall likes to see students connected to school, involved enjoying their time while learning and preparing for high school. This year Mr. Marshall sees the group of students outstanding and ready to learn at school. “What more could a staff ask for?” stated Mr. Marshall.

Before Mr. Marshall was and assistant principal at BYMS he helped the office at Esperanza one day and enjoyed it very much. Mr. Flynn was his first mentor and principal. Mr. Marshall’s brother and grandfather were assistant principals, “I guess it runs in the family,” stated Mr. Marshall.”

Mr. Marshall attended a number of colleges and universities; University of Southern California, Fresno City College, and Cal State Fullerton in pursuit of his higher education. Outside of school Mr. Marshall enjoys watching sports including football and wrestling. He also runs triathlons and he enjoys riding his bike whenever he gets a chance.

Outside of school Mr. Marshall likes watching events on Greece. His wife is Greek and she has family in Greece. “In Nutshell, Greece’s economy has been very bad recently,” stated Mr. Marshall. Referring to the financial causes in Greece resulting in increased taxes and debut. He explained that “It will be very difficult on the people there.”

Mr. Marshall’s favorite quote is “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.” Mr. Marshall likes this quote because every time you have an obstacle we learn and become better for the obstacles that haven’t happened yet.