Student Teacher: Mrs.Larson


Photo Courtesy of Carly DeGirolomo

“The students inspire me to be a better teacher, learn something new every day, and challenge me to think in different ways,” stated Mrs. Larson, student teacher of BYMS.

“Mrs. Larson is such a fun spirit. She’s very quirky but nevertheless she’s always on top of it. Everyone I know loves her and is happy to have her with us in class,” stated Carly De Girolomo eighth grade student of BYMS.

“She is helpful and the way she teaches helps you learn easier. She makes teaching more fun,” stated Natalia Jaramilo, student of BYMS.

Mrs. Larson did not always plan on becoming a teacher, she had a very difficult time in school. Growing up her math teacher inspired her to be the best she could be. Mrs. Larson is currently in college, studying to get a degree in teaching. She is currently student teaching eighth grade history at BYMS.  Another thing she loves about history is that it’s like science constantly developing and changing.

“Santiago Canyon College-A.A. in uberal arts Cal State Fullerton-B.A. in history Chapman University- secondary teaching credential master of arts in teaching,” mentioned Mrs. Larson.

“I wanted to become a professor of history and archaeology and travel the world in just like Indiana Jones!” exclaimed Mrs. Larson

“I love everything about history. I love discovering things I never knew in some old book, going to historical sites, and best of all wandering and getting lost in some museum or library,” stated Mrs. Larson.

“Student teaching has improved a wide variety of my teaching and technology skills.  It’s easy for someone who loves history to talk about history ,but making sure others enjoy it too is a skill I am also developing,” stated Mrs. Larson.

“Kathryn is my legal name, but I have always gone by Katy,” commented Mrs. Larson.

There is more to know about Mrs. Larson then her being an amazing history teacher. She loves the color grey because it goes with everything. In her free time she loves to be a part of multiple charities for homeless pets. She also loves coaching water polo and going on hikes with her dogs. Her favorite movie is Indiana jones this movie actually helped her develop an interest in history.