PYLUSD Students Encouraged to BYOD Bring Your Own Device


Photo courtesy of: Carly DeGirolomo

Starting this school year, the PYLUSD (Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District) will allow use of student personal electronics in class, when students are instructed to by their teacher.

“The PYLUSD believes that a device in the hands of students provides additional learning opportunities that allow students to have real world experience, critical thinking, and cooperative learning,” explained

Joey Davis, the PYLUSD Director of Student Assessment/Accountability stated, that many technology improvements for each school are in the works. “I believe all the schools are getting additional chromebooks, upgrading teacher computers, and updating the projectors. Each middle school has a technology lab. We are exploring options to upgrade those, but I don’t think it will happen until next year,” he added.

The Student Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement sheet reported that the electronic students can bring to school for school purposes must be able to run Google Chrome and it must join the PYLUSD wireless network.

Students must not use their devices to engage in illegal or non-school appropriate activities. These devices that students can bring include a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. If students decide to bring their electronics, they must take full responsibility for loss or damage and PYLUSD and their school is not required to replace their device.

According to the Use Agreement, if a student does not have a device to bring, they should not fear, they will not drop grades or be punished, as this program is optional and will be provided a device to borrow for class.

Mr. Valburg, the principal of Bernardo Yorba Linda Middle School, stated that he enjoys the policy as it helps with the lack of Chromebooks and allows children to  experience the power of technology.