“Three Blind Mice” Take First Place at BYMS Costume Competiton

Photo Courtesy of: Sherman Shen

Photo Courtesy of: Sherman Shen

    “The Three Blind Mice”, “Cops and Robbers”, and “The Lazy Onesie Crew” were the top 3 winners on the annual BYMS Halloween costume contest, where students do group costumes and strut their stuff across the stage and show their best pose, as the judges give them scores.

    “Halloween is my favorite time of year. I think the best part is dressing up and going out with friends. And, obviously, the candy!” said Nick Jako, BYMS eighth grader.

Although not everyone entered the contest, BYMS was filled to the brim with scary, silly, and fun characters from all kinds of books, movies, and fairytales. “We had a fabulous turn out this year, with very few people not wearing costumes.” stated Mr. Shen, BYMS social studies teacher.

Many teachers participated as well including Ms. Barton as a dinosaur, Mrs. Hensel as a renaissnce woman, Mrs.Perez as “Day of the Dead” character, and the office staff as dice. Teachers also added to the Halloween vibe in their classrooms; which were covered in cobwebs, spiders, and skulls. Creepy!

    At the end of the day, the finalists of the contest were announced on the loudspeaker. The winners were awarded a bagful of candy for their creative costumes, and a lot of high fives. Next year’s’ BYMS students have some big shoes or boots to fill for the costume contest.