BYMS Visit FCC to View “Twelfth Night”

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“The kids seemed to like Malvolio,” stated Amy DeFriese,  BYMS language arts teacher about the field trip her students took  to see the play “Twelfth Night” at Fullerton Community College on Wednesday October 14.

Also accompanying the 33 BYMS students was Esperanza drama class as well.

“The opportunity,” inspired Ms.Defriese to have a field trip. “We are also reading the book in class,” stated Ms.Defriese.

“My LA teacher set up a play to go see “Les Miserables” or when my science teacher took us to science camp they all inspired me,” stated Ms.DeFriese. Ms.DeFriese recalled the field trips in middle school were exciting and educational.

The play, “Twelfth Night”, written by William Shakespeare  involves a women who lost her brother in a storm after which she masquerades as a  military officer on a mission to find him,  according to

“I thought that the play was good and the actors played their parts well,” stated Michael Montelone a BYMS seventh grade student.