BYMS Choir Director, Linda Nason, Leads Singers to Success Despite Difficult Schedule

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“The challenges of being convincing people that I am a real teacher. I have my students do more than just sing a little song,” stated Mrs. Nason, vocal teacher at BYMS. She teaches a total of three choirs every year : Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Mixed Chorus.

About 25-40 students are accepted in each choir, depending on how many students apply to the choir and where Mrs. Nason thinks they would fit best.

Mrs. Nason has gone from school to school this year teaching vocal and instrumental music. She has been teaching at Bernardo for over 20 years and said when the opportunity arose to teach at BYMS, “I took it.”

Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir are the two advanced choirs. Vocal ensemble is the highest choir at BYMS, though Concert Choir is an exceptional choir, too. They sing harder songs with more complex harmonies. Vocal Ensemble is the only CO-Ed choir. Boys and Girls are accepted in the class. However, Concert Choir is an all girl choir.

Mixed chorus is usually all girls, because most boys audition for Vocal Ensemble, but this year there are a few boys in Mixed Chorus. BYMS used to have an all boy choir, but sadly it was cut due to not enough students in the class.

Some advice Mrs. Nason would give people who want to have a career in her line of work would be to do something else because right now it is very challenging to be a music teacher.