Story Time With Shaylee


Photo courtesy of: Jizelle Fakhouri

“‘Story time with Shaylee’ is my favorite part of the day; we talk, eat, and there is always a new topic everyday and Shaylee is awesome!” stated Carley Austin, a seventh grade student at BYMS.


“Story time with Shaylee” is an activity at break that Shaylee Matthews, BYMS ASB President holds everyday in Mr. Shen’s room 603, and discusses a different topic everyday with whoever decides to come in and join.


“In ‘Story Time With Shaylee’ I have volunteers pick a topic and tell a story or perform it. Some topics have been a fashion show, the Oktoberfest, the Color Run, or even watching and discussing videos Mr. Shen has taken,” Shaylee explained.


“Story Time With Shaylee” has become so popular that now almost the whole school knows about it; Shaylee even created a “Story Time With Shaylee” Instagram account! “We also have an Instagram account that I post photos of ‘Story Time With Shaylee’ at break almost everyday. The account is @storytime.with.shaylee,” Shaylee explained.


“Everyday in Mr. Shen’s room during break we have ‘Story Time With Shaylee,’” Shaylee Matthews, the creator of “Story Time With Shaylee” states, “all grades are welcome.”