History Profile: Mr. Spoonhower

Photo courtesy of: Sam Kolb

Photo courtesy of: Sam Kolb

“ I love the process of learning and helping students to be successful,” stated Mr. Spoonhower. “This is what inspired me to become a teacher.”

Mr. Spoonhower got his bachelor’s degree at Cal State Long Beach, and his master’s degree at Cal State Fullerton.In colllage.He studied history and political science in collage. He also has been teaching since 1998 at Bernardo Yorba for 15 years. In his free time, Mr. Spoonhower and his family likes to travel and go to somewhere new every year.

He attended Ocean View High School. Prior to teaching history, Mr. Spoonhower worked at Disneyland in college. He teaches two honors periods a day: one seventh and one eighth.

Ever since Mr. Spoonhower became a teacher, he has seen many changes. For example, there is more technology and avid technics added to his classroom. Keeping up with grading is a small challenge for Mr. Spoonhower to overcome.

“ Learn, travel, and experience life as much as you can,” explained Mr. Spoonhower.