AVID Introduced to BYMS Students

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Leigh Swarm

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Leigh Swarm

After a year of preparation, teacher trainings, and student recruitment, Bernardo Yorba is adopting AVID. It is a program to help students prepare now for college, academic wise and personally. This program will help many students get into a 4-year university after graduating from high school.

“Colleges look not only at academics, but how well-rounded of a person you are.  It is important to start planning now for your future and taking the right steps to get there,” stated Mrs. Pamela Cyrus. Which is the whole purpose of AVID to help planning now.

In total there is total of 56 students enrolled in AVID currently. Mrs.Pamela Cyrus teaches 29 7th grade AVID students, and Mrs. Leigh Swarm teaches 27 8th grade AVID students.

“The best thing about AVID is the camaraderie that develops among its students.  They learn to be supportive of one another and celebrate successes together,” stated Mrs. Leigh Swarm. “Additionally, I have seen the success that comes from the dedication to AVID methodologies, so many of my former students who were a part of AVID are now attending top-notch colleges such as UCLA, UCI, Harvard, Cal Poly Pomona, University of Oregon.”