Ultra-Fun Runners Leaves Other Runners in a Colorful Dust

Photo Courtacy Of  Sheman  

Photo Courtacy Of Sheman Shen

Running in the rainbow that touches the floors of Bernardo Yorba Middle School, students ran on the inside of the track getting extremely colorful with bright colored powder paint on September 30, 2015. Lots of students came back to school with pink, purple, blue, green , and many other interesting colors staining their hair for days.

Mr. Kish (language arts teacher, activities director, and the yearbook teacher at BYMS) stated,”I thought the Color Run was a fun event that, for our first time, went rather well. Our numbers aren’t in yet, but we should earn approximately $10,000 for BYMS.”

“I loved the Color Jog-a-thon!  From my observations being right down of the field, it looked like everyone had a great time.  I hope we do it again next year.”, said Mr. Valburg, principal of BYMS.

“I liked that the Ultra-Fun Run got me colorful. I didn’t like how the some color didn’t come out of my hair. I think that we should only do the run again if the color can come out of my hair”,stated Riley Pietsch ,7th grade student of the BYMS.

Many students loved the run and wish to do it again next year. As the memories slowly fade away, most students still have souvenirs in their hair from that moment.