Bernardo Book Club


Courtesy of Ally Dahncke

“Our goal is to support independent reading, and to have fun, while getting the benefits of reading, such as stress reduction, brain exercise, memory improvement, vocabulary expansion, ability to analyze and predict, and last but not least, to develop a love for reading,” states Imelda Gaitan, BYMS Spanish Teacher and Book Club Advisor.

The Bernardo Book Club (BBC) is run by Imelda Gaitan, Bernardo’s Spanish teacher, and Doreen McCann, Bernardo’s librarian. The BBC chooses genres instead of certain books.

The BBC meets every third Wednesday of the month. The first formal meeting is October 21, and there was a informational meeting on September 23.

Since there has not been a formal meeting, the genre for October has not been chosen.

“BBC readers get together to talk about books and the reading experience. The goal is that club members share information about the book they finished,” Imelda Gaitan stated.