Chromebook Donations

“During 7th and 8th grade registrations we collected donations for a total of four new Chromebooks at $350 each. During open house on the 29th we will have a booth set up for additional Chromebook donations,” stated Linda Grant.

“Chromebooks are just a tool, but used wisely in the classroom they have the capability to facilitate students in research, composition, inquiry and collaboration,” explained Ken Valburg, BYMS Principal.

“One of our big focus items this year is to gather additional Chromebook donations,” stated Linda Grant, Bernardo Yorba Middle School’s PTA President.

“Buying Chromebooks puts more devices in the hands of students and thereby increasing their access to digital information and online resources. Teachers are also starting to create Google Classrooms where classroom materials are housed for student use,” said Mr. Valburg.

“Chromebooks are a very affordable laptop option with all the capabilities that we need at school,” says Mr. Valburg. Ask your parents about Chromebook donations, and get the news out there. The Chromebooks are waiting for you!