Placentia Heritage Parade

Photo Courtesy Mrs. Perez

Photo Courtesy Mrs. Perez

The Bernardo Yorba Middle School marching band marched from the Placentia post office all the way to tri-city park on Saturday October 10th. Mrs. Watson prepared the students of Marching Band with many practice marches, but there were difficulties at the parade.

At 8:00am the Bernardo Yorba Marching Matadors marched outside in the 90 degree weather. The parade lasted for about 30-45 minutes. Bernardo was the sixth band in the parade. The band played “Let The Flag of Freedom Wave” by James Swearingen.

“The kids did great considering how hot it was.  Even though the temperatures were probably in the 90’s when we finished, all of our members made it to the end!!  Amazing kids!”, quote from Mrs. Watson

The festival at the parade was supposed to close at 4:00pm but due to the hot weather, they had to close it down at 3:00.The reason why is that at least 60 people had passed out due to heatstroke which were students marching from other schools, parents, and spectators