BYHS: Bernardo Yorba Honors Society

“The purpose of the Honor Society is to “honor” those students who are members and to give them an opportunity to be leaders,” stated Mr. Seitz, Bernardo Yorba Middle School Social Studies teacher and Honor Society advisor.

BYHS (Bernardo Yorba Honor Society), formerly known as NHJS, is a program that allows students with a 3.57 GPA or higher to strive for higher goals.  Members of BYHS, must meet certain criteria such as a 3.57 GPA or higher for 2 consecutive quarters, no N’s or U’s in citizenship, and a favorable review from a teacher that they had from the previous year.

“Typically, BYHS does not do activities like the Leadership students do,” stated Mr. Seitz.

One field trip for BYHS members is the Sacramento field trip on March 18th. The desire of the field trip is how state government differs from US differs from US government and how it’s similar, to understand California’s role in tying the US together with the Transcontinental Railroad and the role of the Railroad in California development, to understand the development of communication and transportation services to and from California prior to the railroad, and to understand the lifestyle of people at the time California was entering the US and Am.

BYHS does give the members opportunities to be leaders by “serving as academic and social examples. They have to maintain their grades and citizenship. They will be recognized at promotion for being members.” explained Mr. Seitz, Social Science Teacher and Dept.Chair,Honor Society Adviser, and GATE Coordinator.