Advanced Drama Anti Bullying Play


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“Motivation for the plays was to support our efforts here at BYMS to ensure that Bullying on campus is eliminated! Capping off several days of motivational workshops provided to our 7th grade students (with help from our 8th grade Leadership students), Advanced drama wanted to leave a lasting impression about bullying: WE ARE 2KUL2BULLY!” stated Mrs.Swarm, BYMS advanced drama teacher.

On Thursday, November 12th BYMS Advanced Drama put on the Bully Plays for their fellow students and parents. There were two daytime assemblies for the students and an evening performance for family and friends.

Nicole Stewart,who played Katie in “Bystander Blues” stated “They were okay, I think everyone did really great and the audience loved it.There were a few bumpy moments, but overall everyone was into their character and provided a great message.”

Katie Vaverka who played Izzie in “Flash Mob” told the Matador Messenger, “ Overall I feel the performances went great. Although there were a few mishaps,it didn’t really cause the show to be a total disaster.Everyone did what they were supposed to do, which helped the whole performance “flow” together perfectly.All of the amazing actors and actresses enjoyed themselves and had fun.Which overall made the performances worth while.”

“Memorization of the lines was difficult at first.Also, scene changes were time consuming. I think the biggest success of the show is that the audience enjoyed our play and got the anti-bullying message.” stated Ryan Blank, who played Asterion in “Beasts.”

“ I feel the students EXCEEDED my expectations.  Doing a performance of this magnitude so early in the school year is a risk, since I don’t really know the students exceedingly well.  Will they memorize their lines? Have they developed good dramatic or comedic timing and technique? Will they follow-through with their responsibilities?  All these questions ran through my head as we rehearsed, but when show-time came, my actors really shined!” stated Mrs.Swarm.