BYMS Practices “School Lockdown”

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Lock the doors, turn off the lights, block the windows, and hide. Someone may be coming.

“We should practice emergency procedures so that in a real emergency we have a reasonable idea of what to do. If we don’t practice then bad things can happen,” stated Mr. Valburg, BYMS Principal.

Practice may not make us  “perfectly” safe in an emergency situation, but PYLUSD and the state of California believe that practicing lockdown drills will have us better prepared for safety purposes, if a real lockdown ever occurred.

“Students should always listen to the teacher for direction. There may be times when you need to leave the room and/or building that you are in and to do so students need to listen carefully and quietly to directions,” explained Mr. Valburg. Not listening to your teacher and not following directions can cause safety issues. Not listening can get you left behind or put you and maybe other people in danger.

“If you are in a classroom, a student should stay there and follow the directions of the teacher. However, if you are on campus a student should look for a safe open room to enter as quickly as possible,” said Mr. Valburg. During a lockdown, if you ever end up being outside a building or class, go to a class or a safe place as soon as you can.

“When we make the decision to go into a lockdown situation we also contact the police department. Once they become involved, they will manage the emergency situation to ensure everyone’s safety,” explained Mr. Valburg. When a lockdown occurs, the police are contacted to control and handle the situation.