Shane Norys: Theater icon at BYMS

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Shane Norys is one of the many talented people in theater arts. To him musical theater is “enjoyable for so many reasons, meeting new people, going out of your comfort zone.”

Over the years Shane has done a numerous amounts of musicals including Seussical the Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dreamboat, The Wiz, Into the Woods,and Beauty and the Beast. His most recent musical he stared in was a BYMS drama performance of Bye Bye Birdie. He is also staring in a show at MTOC (Musical Theatre Orange County) as a cover dancer in Mary Poppins

Like any other person on stage, Shane gets nervous on stage. To get over his butterflies he remembers how much he loves to be in musicals and how family and friends supports him, and does his very best on and off stage.

Some advice he would give to upcoming musical stars is to “… go out and perform like no one is watching. And if you end up just getting ensemble (A group of musicians, singers, dancers, or actors who perform together) be the best ensemble you can be, don’t be scared, just sing, dance, and act you’re your heart out”