Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at BYMS

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“One week devoted to Earth Day is to raise awareness in young people so that they understand the importance of taking care of the environment. After all, the condition of the earth is what previous generations are leaving to you. They are leaving you with a lot of environmental problems and it will be left up to your generation to find the solutions,” stated Mrs. Hanger, BYMS 8th grade science teacher.

In 2014, BYMS staff created and Earth Day survey pledge for the students to take to bring awareness of what they do/can do that is healthy for the planet. However, that survey was created on paper, which caused the students to complain about using resources wisely.

So to solve the problem, the staff organised the survey online, which is to be taken on the students’ smart phones during 4th period. But, if the students do not have a smart phone, then they will be able to visit the school website,,and take it at home if they wish.

This year, BYMS is also hosting a jeans donation, which was created by Mrs. Hanger. The jeans must be in good condition and may be either adults’ or children’s. They will be collected on Earth Week during 4th period, according to

“After researching online different ways to recycle I came across many jean donation recycling programs that other schools did,” said Mrs. Hanger. “I thought this would be interesting to try here at BYMS.”

Each year, Earth Day marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, reported

The idea came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin at the time, after witnessing the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, according to He became inspired by the student anti-war movement and realized that if he could use that energy by bringing public awareness about air and water pollution. It would force environmental protection onto the national agenda.

“We live in So Cal and we have a wonderful clean resource that we should be tapping into that does no damage to the environment, solar power. Every building in So Cal should have solar panels,” comments Mrs. Hanger. “Also, create a culture of walking and riding bikes to school instead of using a car.”