Dancer Profile: Mackenzie Lemmon and Katharina Abramovich

Photo Courtesy of Catie Krier

Photo Courtesy of Catie Krier

“I do this after school activity because dancing is fun, helps to build self-confidence, helps to push yourself to perfection,” stated Mackenzie Lemmon, seventh grade dancer at BYMS.

Katharina Abramovich, is also a seventh grade dancer, at BYMS and she stated that she dances every day of the week except for Fridays and Sundays for about four hours a day.

Both of the dancers have about four recitals a year and compete once or twice a month with their competition team.

“Dancing is a way to express our emotions through movement. For me, the best thing about dance is that you can express yourself and let everything go,” Mackenzie responds to the question ‘What is the best thing about dance?’

Mackenzie dances at Momentum Dance Center and Katharina Dances at McCoy Rigby Conservatory.