Leadership Class 2015-2016 Announced

Photo Courtesy of Delaney Durham

Photo Courtesy of Delaney Durham

BYMS Activities  Director Keith Kish, announced the selection of 33 seventh graders for the 2015-2016 BYMS Leadership class including elected officers and students.

Elected officers are Shaylee Matthews as ASB  President, Emily Ito as ASB Vice President, Sierra Lane as ASB Treasurer, Justin Zhao as ASB Secretary, Nina Guzman as Eighth Grade President.

Students selected for the class include,  Melina Alsworth, Anna Bulis, Hannah Campagna, Matthew Christensen, Alice Ding, Sara Enright, Maddie Freund, Corinne Green, Jayden Hawley, Isabella Hernandez, Hailey Holdeman, Nick Jako, Kyle Kirk, Tori Lavoie, Madison Miller, Allie Mortensen, Ellie Mullner, Brian Nguyen, Peter Phethean, Savannah Pietsch, Eryn Romano, Sandhya Sachar, David Schulert, Evan Shank, Bailey Spoonhower, Ava Tidwell, and Katelyn Vaverka.

Students applying for the class completed an application, presented a speech detailing personal qualities and plans for school improvement.  Evan Shank, who commented, “The hardest part of the application process was memorizing and then having to say your speech. The process of getting into Leadership was and application packet which included: A picture and quote that represents you, answers to questions about how to make Byms a better place, and your report card.¨

Others have acknowledged the benefits, like Melina Alsworth, who stated that, ”Leadership students can connect more with all of the students on campus by working the dances, class competitions, and the sports games at break.”

Overall, students seem to be very eager to start helping out their fellow classmates.

“I would like to be a part of Leadership because the class can teach me more skills involving leadership skills and kindness,” stated BYMS student Madison Miller.

“I am looking forward to the spirit rallies and CASL,” stated ASB Vice President Justin Zhao.

Leadership students will be attending a camp during the summer on campus to prepare for the fall as well as working to assist in student registration.