BYMS Students Recognized at Awards Night


Photo Courtesy of Sherman Shen

BYMS honored 57 8th graders and 47 7th graders at the award ceremony held on, May 26, 2015 in the MPR.

“I was happy, but surprised. We went up on stage and shook the teacher’s hand. They put the award over our heads and we walked off stage,”stated 8th grader, Delaney Pietsch.

The ceremony was held to recognize students for their hard work and effort during the school year. Students and parents were invited to congratulate the students earning awards in their designated section.

These sections were Excellence in Social Science, Excellence in Science, Excellence in Language Arts, Excellence in Math, P.E. Student of the Year, Excellence in Crafts 8, Excellence in Advanced Art, Exploratory Tech, Excellence in Study Skills, Excellence in Health, Excellence in Spanish, Excellence in Yearbook, Excellence in Leadership/ASB, Excellence in Girls Chorus, Excellence in Concert Choir, Excellence in Vocal Ensemble,  Excellence in Newspaper, Excellence in Advanced Speech and Drama, Excellence in Jazz Band, Excellence in Performing Band, Excellence in 3rd Period Band, and Excellence in 4th Period Band.

Christopher Robertson, a seventh grader stated “I received the athlete of the year and accepted it from Mr. Wilson. I broke the school record for most laps.”

“I feel like I was a leader for my band and playing my instrument at a high level. Also I think I was a good example for the rest of my section,” eighth grader, Dylan Strong, stated.

Mrs. Perez stated, “I choose students not only on consistently high grades in classwork, homework, writing and projects but also  their high level of class participation and exemplary citizenship.”

Eighth grader, Ryan Luzzi, stated, “I was surprised, because there are so many kids at school that could’ve won an award. However, I was excited and extremely happy.”

“The best part of the night was, the expanded number of students that were recognized.This awards night, there were about 100 people recognized while last year there was less than 100,” according to Mr. Valburg.
These 108 students were recognized at awards night:

Katharina Abramovich

Maree Andronoco

Veronica Avalos

Cissy Bai

Ilsa Bauer

Jaden Caderao

Hannah Campagna

Charissa Chang

Austin Chen

Jordan Chen

Justin Chen

Jacob Cochran

Ryan Connally

Elizabeth Conrad

Zane Cox

Alexandria Dahncke

Matt DeGirolomo

Zachary Desembrana

Jeff Deunsing

Cyra Donaldson

Andrew Dorado

Delaney Durham

Jolene El-Knoury

Joshua Erickson

Brianna Fain

Gianna Fernandez

Erin Franklin

Sarah Garcia

Trevor Geiger

Jacob Griffin

Kacie Garrity

Cassidy Gibson

Allison Hancock

Rodrigo Hernandez

Zachary Hernandez

Alex Hess

Louming Hu

DJ Iribe

Emily Ito

Angelica Jimenez

Paul Kane

Niyati Katwala

Justin Khou

Athena Kieu

Kyle Kirk

Samuel Kolb

Catherine Krier

Katrina La

Justina Lai

Ricky Lane

Cole Larsen

Robert Lasher

Rachel Lassalle

Joshua Lembesis

Mackenzie Lemmon

Victoria Lavoie

Christopher Li

Jocelyn Li

Joy Li

Lillian Lin

Jocelyn Lopez

Ryan Luzzi

Emily Macedo

Jada Maglinao

Lindsey Maloof

Kylie Malone

Alyssa McBenttes

Victoria Mejia

Olivia Montoya

Nicholas Moore

Jade Moreno

Claire Napier

Katelyn Neuhaus

Nate Nelson

Brian Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Shane Norys

Priya Patel

Tia Patel

David Peck

Delaney Pietsch

Nellie Pinkevich

Anna Plover

Jake Poling

Madison Pyne

Christopher Robertson

Eryn Romano

Kenyon Rose

Sandyha Sachar

Gabriela Schrader

Evan Shank

Eileen Stephens

Carissa Stewart

Dylan Strong

Caleb Swader

Caleb Tassi

Dalton Torbaty

Eleas Vrahnos

Paavan Valand

Lauren Vandergriff

Hannah Veloso

Wyatt Walker

Cade Weaver

Shari Wei

Taylor Whener

Cole Wiseman

Edward Yan

Justin Zhao