3rd Quarter Spirit Rally Hosted by BYMS


Photo Courtesy of http://shermanshen.smugmug.com/BYMS-Spirit-Rally-2015-05-27/n-m7Sfk4/

What ingredients are needed for a successful spirit rally? Answer: watermelon,whip cream, marshmallows, male cheerleaders, and a very dizzy math teacher Mr.Pham.

In the last BYMS spirit rally of the year held on Wednesday, May 27 during a special 1st period assembly schedule, over 500 students were recognized for having GPA’s from 3.0-4.0.

Some of the highlights of the event included a fashion show performed by advanced drama in which gender roles were reversed. Also, relay races by students and teachers holding greasy watermelons.

43 seventh grade students were recognized on Principal’s Honor Roll and 36 eighth grade students were recognized on Principal’s Honor Roll. Over 80 seventh graders made honor roll and over 90 seventh graders made high honor roll.  Over 100 eighth grade students were noticed for being on high honor roll and over 70 made honor roll.