BYMS Winter Guard Team Wins First Place at WGASC Championships


Photo Courtesy of Kristen Toblesky


The BYMS Winter Guard team won first place at the WGASC, Winter Guard Association of Southern California, championships in round two of the junior high triple A division on Saturday April, 25.

“Thirteen girls, hard work, and dedication, is all it took to hear those two words, ‘First Place’,” stated Esperanza Cruz, one of the two coaches of the BYMS Color Guard Team.

Members of the team include the following students: Katie Toblesky, Lena Plover, Katie Kuwahara, Nellie Pinkevich, Sofia Tinjaca, Anna Plover, Kara Gibbons, Jordan Kent, Sandhya Sachar, Isabella Hernandez, Rachel Stewart, team captains Rachel Westphal and Jessica Hillis. The instructors for the team are Esperanza Cruz and Brittnie Gardner.

The team has practiced throughout the winter on campus, in all kinds of conditions in preparation for competition.

” It sure was not easy being in the hot, scorching sun or cold cloudy days practicing for hours at a time outdoors,” stated Cruz.

“It is also not always about placement, but about the improvement the girls show at each show. As a team they have experienced both good and bad performances but that is part of being a good performer. Learning from their mistakes and trying their best each time they went out there is the best trophy they could have gotten,”

“It was difficult at first learning the routine but it was getting easier as we went. The most enjoyable thing was the fun people on the team and all the laughs we got. Going to competitions and field trips was also fun.” said Anna Plover a 7th grade member of the team.

The first show that the BYMS winter guard participated in was the Classification Show at Arcadia high school on Saturday February, 28. A classification show determines what division a guard team is, the team was put into the triple A division.

The guard earned third place during the second show at Chino Hills High School on Saturday March, 14.

The third show was at Valencia High School on Saturday March, 21.

The fourth and last show before championships was at Ramona high school on Saturday April, 4. The guard won third place.

“I really enjoyed participating in color guard this year. It was my first year and I’m really glad that I decided to join. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and just have a great time,” stated Katie Toblesky, Matador Messenger Entertainment Editor and member of the team.