BYMS to Have a Disaster (Drill) on Friday


Photo Courtesy of Ashley Ko

BYMS is conducting a disaster drill for the whole school. During the last 7-8 minutes of break on Friday May, 22 the bell will ring telling the students to ¨ Duck and Cover.”  At this time everyone on campus will be expected to duck and cover right where they are. Anyone located in a building is asked to evacuate it immediately.

BYMS Assistant Principal, Mr. Steve Marshall has stated that the following are the steps that should be taken during a drill, or in the case of an actual disaster:

Step one: Duck, cover, and hold.

You will hear ¨ Duck, Cover, and Hold¨  on the loudspeaker. All students and teachers are to duck and and cover in a kneeling position without talking.

Step two: Evacuate building

You will hear the final bell approximately one minute after the drop. At this time all students will bring their backpacks, and teachers are to evacuate to the field behind the softball field , after which you will locate and line up with your second period teacher.

Step Three: Bell to complete the drill.

The bell will ring to announce the end of the disaster drill. During this time, students will then be released to third period.

Please all students and teachers follow this procedure.