BYMS Band and Orchestra Performs at Midway


Photo From Mrs. Watson

“The audience really enjoyed our performance. One older man was moved to tears, he came up to Mrs. Watson after the performance saying he was ‘just so happy to find out there are so many good kids in the world,'” said Mrs. Watson the band director at BYMS about the field trip to the USS Midway in San Diego.

103 members of the BYMS instrumental music program performed on the USS Midway battleship at the USS Midway Museum, those that went include the Advanced Orchestra, the Chamber Strings, and the Wind Ensemble.
“We had to load all of the large equipment into a large box that was fork lifted onto the next deck. From there, this equipment was moved to the bomb elevator (yes, the one used to move bombs when the ship was in use!) to take things up to the flight deck,” stated Mrs. Watson about something unique about the trip.
The CVB-41, also known as the Midway, was the third American ship to use the name, and the carrier battle of Midway Island greatly impacted the tide of World War II according to The USS Midway also sailed in Vietnam and in the Persian Gulf while 200,000 American veterans have served aboard the ship according to
“Getting to go on the harbor cruise and getting to tour the Midway audio tech,” said Jayden Caderao, a member of the Advanced Orchestra when asked about some highlights of the trip.