BYMS Leadership Student of the Week: Delaney Durham


Photo Courtesy of Ashley Ko

“I was surprised that it was me!” stated Delaney Durham, BYMS eighth grader who was awarded “Leadership Student of the Week” by Mr. Keith Kish, the BYMS leadership teacher.

Delaney Durham was chosen as “Leadership Student of the Week” for various reasons. Delaney was chosen because “Delaney is always on task and does her work with diligence and a smile,” stated Mr. Kish.

“Delaney is dedicated, polite, and cooperative,” according to Mr. Kish. In her free time Delaney enjoys playing soccer with kids in leadership as well as with others in eighth grade.

Delaney believes that Leadership has helped her communication skills. She says that in leadership members have to be comfortable with talking and working with other students in that class.

“So far, the hardest part in leadership has been collaborating all of our ideas into one plan. Working with 30+ people is tough!” stated Delaney. Delaney also really enjoys running noon times and setting up music for lunch. She also really enjoys making the candy gram boards.

Congratulations Delaney!