BYMS Advanced Drama presents “Bye Bye Birdie “

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“When you put on a play, every single person is important,” said BYMS drama instructor, Mrs. Swarm about the cast and crew in her production of the musical “Bye Bye Birdie” presented in two assemblies April 27,28, and April 25th during an evening performance. “I chose this play because we have some really strong actors and also some strong singers.”

The basic plot of “Bye Bye Birdie” was written during the time period when people are getting drafted to the army for the Vietnam War. When a young man, Conrad Birdie, turns 18, he signs up to be shipped into the army. His producer, Albert Peterson, along with his secretary,Rosie, came up with a scheme to have him pull out a name out of the fan club and go to that town and give that teenage girl one last kiss before he departs for the army.

“ Rehearsing the play with my friends took away the pressure and made it more fun to present to the school,” reported Samantha Fries who was cast as Mrs. Doris MacAfee.

Mrs. Swarm and the rest of the cast worked on the play for four months, along with weekends and after school rehearsals. According to Mrs. Swarm, the most difficult aspect about the play were the transitions between scenes and getting the students to see the play as a complete story.

“I can’t give enough superlatives to describe how wonderful the play was, absolutely amazing” stated BYMS Principal, Mr. Valburg

“One thing that I enjoyed about the play was seeing some of my friends on stage,” stated Maddie Freund, Matador Messenger feature editor. “ It was also intriguing and the plot was well planned.”

“We are starting a unit on improve and characterization, and also working on an upcoming Spirit Rally.” said Mrs. Swarm.