2015 Talent Show at BYMS


Photo Courtesy of Sherman Shen

Every year Bernardo Yorba’s ASB holds a talent show and this year it was held on Friday, March 20.

The Talent Show had some great acts including: the leadership dance, the teacher’s skit, Allison Hancock singing, Athena Kieu playing piano, Katharina Abramovich and Mackenzie Lemmon dancing, Kaitlyn Neuhaus singing, Eleas Vrahnos playing viola, Gavin Braun singing, Sophia Bouyakzan doing gymnastics, Nathan Nadeau playing guitar, Carissa Stewart singing, Kara Gibbons dancing, and Gabby Neely singing/playing piano.

I think I did very well. To be honest, all the practicing really helped me and I have to thank my dance teacher, Miss. Becky, for all her work too,” said Kara Gibbons when she was asked how she did in the talent show. And when we asked her what inspired her to be in the talent show, “Well, since I have been dancing since I was three and it was a perfect opportunity to dance and show my friends my talents.”

One of the main performances of the show was when some of the teachers performed a dance/skit where the male teachers were dressed as women and the female teachers were dressed as men. Mr. Kish, one of the teachers in the performance stated when asked how the teachers prepared for their performance, “We prepared by meeting several days after school in order to rehearse.”