JUMP Club goes to Cypress College with Esperanza Medical

“I thought that it was a good experience,” says Delany Durham, Matador Messenger’s Editor in Chief.  Bernardo J.U.M.P Club goes to Cypress College with Esperanza Medical Program on Wednesday, March 11. The students went around the classes learning about each class in Cypress.

“My favorite class that I really loved was the sports medicine because it was really interesting,” says Delany.  “The most scariest classroom was the Morgue and also the casket room because it smelled like death and but they it covered with Febreeze,”- says Delany Durham.

“I had really fun, it was really interesting learning with my friends, “says Justin Chen. “My favorite activity was the mortuary science because I never learned the preservation of bodies,” says Jordan Chen. Students also enjoyed the colleges lunch too. “The lunch was really good, I really enjoyed the food. It’s nothing compared to school lunch,” says Justin Chen.

After lunch, students learned about sports medicals. “I really enjoyed sports medical science because as a career, I learned about what was it like as a career for a sports trainer,” says Jordan Chen.