Richard Nixon Library Geography Test: Where in the World is Djibouti ?


photo courtesy of Ashley Ko

“I really like the Richard Nixon Geography contest. It’s a difficult task to ask seventh graders to memorize so much, but I know that it’s entirely achievable,” Mr. Sherman Shen, BYMS social studies teacher stated. “In addition, I think that it’s a very worthy subject for students to learn. We’ve been participating in the test for many years now, and Bernardo Yorba always does very well as a whole.”

The test takes place on Monday March 02, 2015 and Tuesday March 03, 2015. All 7th graders in the district take this test. The test is a random 35 questions asking the students to point out locations on a map.

“There is tremendous benefit to learning this information. One of the first bits of information in any news report is where it happened. If we don’t know where things are, we don’t have a complete picture of how world events affect us. In addition, I think that this test empowers students,” explained Mr. Shen.

“Anyone can memorize things, but it takes discipline to do so. Students who do well on this test put in a lot of hard study time, and it’s very satisfying when they are able to show their knowledge,” added Mr. Shen. “It’s impressive when you can say you know the difference between Burundi and Rwanda, Monaco or Andorra. Last but not least, kids like to say Djibouti, so there’s that.” according to Mr. Shen.

Trophies are given to the top people with the highest scores at a ceremony at the Nixon Library on April 9th at 10:00 am.  Last year 300 seventh grade from PYLUSD, home school, other public schools, and private schools attended the library for the ceremony.