2nd Quarter Spirit Rally At BYMS



          BYMS held its second quarter spirit rally on Wednesday, February 25. “The spirit rallies are important for a couple of reasons.  It is important to publicly celebrate students who have worked hard to get good grades and for demonstrating positive behavior.  It is also important for the whole school to come together for an event creating unity,” says BYMS principal, Mr.Valburg.


Aside from student recognition, more games and activities took place in this spirit rally such as musical chairs and a students vs. teachers ping pong game. “I always enjoy seeing the students stand for the recognition!  I also enjoyed the ping pong game,” states Mr. Valburg. “I will have to say that the Staff Musical Chairs was pretty fun.  It seemed as if the students enjoyed watching us make fun of ourselves.  I’m all for that,” says spirit rally organizer and leadership director, Mr.Kish.


A total of 428 students were recognized this spirit rally. Apart of it was 254 in the gold category, 14 in the silver category, and 30 in the bronze category. “I always like the recognition portion of the rally.  Those students work so hard and should be recognized,” states Mr.Kish.