Matadors Train for Reach Foundation’s District Track Meet

Bernardo Yorba Middle School will be participating in this year’s annual track meet, on March 3rd, at Valencia High school, at 4 p.m.

“I think we are going to have more fun than everyone else, and we’ll compete in every event very well,” stated Ms. Barton, BYMS P.E. teacher.

BYMS will be competing in all 9 events of the track meet. The track events are the 100m sprint, 200m sprint, 300m sprint, 4 x 100m relay, 4 x 200m relay, mile run. The field events are the high jump, long jump, and shot put.

“Students with an interest in the track meet will come out to practice and the coaches will decide who will be in each event,” Ms. Barton stated. She continued, “First practice is Thursday, 1/29, and every Tuesday after.

Anyone who wants to sign up for the track meet should talk to Ms. Barton or Mr. Wilson.

“The track meet benefits students by allowing them to compete with other students and also get more exercise,” said Cade Weaver, a student that is competing.