Social Studies Student of the Week: Lillian Lin


photo courtesy of matador messenger

“At first I was confused and then I was just astonished,” said Lillian Lin, seventh grader at BYMS. Lillian was picked by Mr. Sherman Shen for “Social Studies Student of the Week.”

Lillian has earned an A+ two quarters in a row in Mr. Shen’s class. Lillian always exceeds what is necessary and does this while English as her second language, according to Mr. Shen.

“Lillian does everything with great care and enthusiasm. It’s amazing to me that English is her second language because she does such a great job on all her assignments, plus, she has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen!” explained Mr. Shen.

“I specifically enjoy the debate we had for a DBQ. It was a fantastic way to inspire and encourage students to express their thoughts. I felt the charm of language exploded in my chest during the debate,” said Lillian Lin.

“I found that writing the DBQs was a bit challenging. The overall process of writing the essay took me a long time,” stated Lillian. In her free time she likes to watch anime.

Congratulations, Lillian!