Swarm’s Students Earn Pie as “Sweet Reward” for A+ Grades

photo courtesy of C Perez.

photo courtesy of C Perez.

“I use a pie as a metaphor for a student’s grade.  Each time they miss a homework assignment, don’t read or don’t study, a tiny slice of the pie is tossed out.  In reverse, positive student behaviors maintain that grade “PIE” earning the student an A+ on the report card and a delicious, home-made pie!” stated Mrs. Leigh Ann Swarm,  BYMS language arts teacher .

“I managed to earn pie by receiving a 102.2% in Mrs. Swarm’s language arts class by paying attention in class, doing my best in my class and homework, and doing extra credit work,” stated one of the pie earners, Beth Conrad.

In order to earn a PIE in Mrs. Swarm’s class, a student must earn a GPA of 99% or better for the semester. A student who earns pie goes above and beyond, regularly completes assignments with attention and detail, studies for tests and quizzes and always makes their independent reading goal.

Another one of the pie earners Brian Nguyen stated “I earned pie by doing my homework and test carefully and studying for all my tests. I did extra credit on my ISN to make up for my bad grade and tried to maintain a grade of 99% or higher.”