BYMS Language Arts Student of the Week: Ryan Blank

“Ryan is a terrific writer, one of only a handful of students to earn a 4 on his Zebra literary analysis essay,” Mrs. Swarm stated. Ryan Blank has been chosen by Mrs Swarm, BYMS Honors Language Arts teacher, as BYMS’s “Language Arts  Student of the Week.”

“I look forward to reading the new books and short stories in this class,” Ryan Blank stated. “My teacher introduces books I wouldn’t normally read such as Wonder, Beowulf, and the short story ‘Zebra.’ I always enjoy a good book and these books and others have broadened my interest in literature.”

“One of Ryan’s many great points included the following line in his essay,  ‘Mr. Wilson’s inspiration helped to bring Zebra out of his depression and gave him the opportunity t enjoy life again.  Exploring his imagination through art gave Zebra a positive purpose to succeed,’ ” said  Mrs. Swarm.

At first he found sentence diagramming very difficult but as the year went on it got easier but it is still difficult.

In Ryan’s free time he does Jiu-Jitsu, which is similar to karate. He also enjoys participating in Boy Scouts.

“I would like to thank Mrs. Swarm for giving me the Student of the Week award.  She is a good teacher, really nice, and makes the class interesting. Language arts is one of my favorite classes and I look forward to this class everyday,” Ryan stated.

Congratulations, Ryan!