Matadors Selected for The Southern California Vocal Association

BYMS choir members Allison Hancock, Gavin Braun, and Ryan Blank have been selected for the “Southern California Vocal Association Honor Choir.”

“The 2015 88-member Honor Choir members were chosen from a field of about 250 6th-9th graders,” stated Mrs. Linda Nason, BYMS Choir Director.

“I look forward to singing and meeting new people,” stated Ryan Blank. When he found out, he was “shocked and couldn’t believe it.”

“When I tried out, I was so nervous. There were so many great singers trying out that I was scared I might not make it.” Blank is a seventh grader and was competing with 8th and 9th graders to be in the organization. Hancock and Braun are eighth graders.

“I enjoy singing in general, so I most look forward to the experience, the people I’ll meet, and the challenging music,” said Gavin Braun.

“Entrance into the Honor Choir involves an audition that includes sight reading both a melody and a rhythm, demonstrating ability in music theory and aural recognition, and singing a song with no instrumental accompaniment,” said Mrs. Nason.