Instrumental Musician of the Week: Nick Moore

Photo courtesy of IPhone

Photo courtesy of IPhone

“He has a great attitude and is always prepared for the next day of class,” said Mrs. Watson about why she chose Nick Moore for Musician of the week. Nick plays the saxophone in the Wind Ensemble band which is the most advanced band.

“I feel honored and fortunate to be a musician of the week,” stated Nick Moore about being musician of the week.

Mrs. Watson also said,” Nick is such a dedicated musician! If all of the students prepared just half as much as Nick, we would have the best music program in the entire state! A big thank you and congrats to Nick.”

“Nick took on the challenge of auditioning for both the SCS BOA Honor Band and Jazz Band. To do this he had to prepare a chromatic scale, quite a few major scales, and prepare a different etude for both auditions. He also had to sight read for both auditions and had to improvise when he did the jazz audition,” said Mrs. Watson about how Nick is a role model.

When he was asked what the best thing about band he said, “The absolute best thing about being in band and playing my instrument is having so many great friends in the band program and being able to go to amazing places like Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.”

Congratulations, Nick!