Matadors Sport Crazy Hats for Spirit Day


photo courtesy of the Matador Messenger

Beanies, fedoras, and sombreros. Matadors go crazy for crazy hat day on January 21, 2015.

“I think hat day is a fun way to show spirit for our school,” said leadership student Delaney Durham

BYMS Assistant Principal, Steve Marshall, wore a green and purple jester hat. He stated, “I love the school spirit, and the hats were great. So much school spirit on the campus.”

The wearing of hats has a long history dating back to ancient times.The first recorded time a human wore a hat was in 3200 BC . A painting on a wall in Thebes’s tomb shows a young man wearing a coolie straw hat, according to  The ancient Egyptians also  used to wear big tall hats made out of wool, gold and stone.

Today hats come in all forms, all textures, and for all purposes ranging from sports caps to expensive hats for formal occasions.  New York is the most popular place for people buying baseball caps. Hat sales world-wide average 43,750,000 yearly, according to

Upcoming BYMS  school “Spirit Days” include  “Sports Day” on January 30, “Valentines Day” on February 13, “Backwards Day” on February 26, “St. Patrick’s Day” on March 17,” Pattern Day” on April 15, “Super Hero” day on May 6, and “Hawaiian Day” on June 9.