BYMS Students Win in Yorba Linda Library’s “Acts of Wonder Art and Literature Contest”


Ilsa Bauer’s winning art entry for PTA Reflections competition now move to the next level of competition.

Every year, the Yorba Linda library holds an art and literature contest for the local schools in the district. Here at BYMS, we had five students from Mrs. Perez eighth grade honor’s class place first, second, and  third, Justina Lai, Ericka Van Asch,  Andrew Jankowski, Andrew Dorado, and Jade Moreno.

Mrs. Perez stated that, “We have many talented artists and writers on our campus. These students accepted the challenge offered by the Yorba Linda library and produced work that was outstanding and indicative of the high caliber of work being produced at BYMS.”

In the drawing category, Justina Lai won first place for an art piece that she entered. “Love and Diversity were my inspiration…” states Lai.

Next is the short story category, in third place came Andrew Jankowski, Jade Moreno had an honorable mention, and Erika Van Asch won first place.

Andrew stated that his inspiration was, “I thought about Auggie and what if he did something, what would happen and how people react.”

Jade says that her entry was on “… the challenges I had to do in foster care.”

Erika stated that, “… readers can learn from Auggie’s and other characters’ experiences is that you need to choose the right friends, so that you are always happy and never sad.”

Lastly, in the poetry category, Andrew Dorado was awarded an honorable mention. Andrew states that, “Initially I was surprised when I found out I had won considering I thought I had not been successful.”

” I am excited to see so many of our students recognized for their creativity and writing skills,” stated Mrs. Christine Perez who entered the students from her fifth period eighth grade honors class. The novel ‘Wonder’ and its many themes was a perfect inspiration for these students. I also wish to thank the Yorba Linda Library for giving our students the opportunity to be challenged, compete, and also win in all of these categories,” she added.