Science Student of the Week: Tyler Long

photo courtesy of Ethan Ogren

photo courtesy of Ethan Ogren

 Tyler Long, BYMS eighth grader, has been chosen as science student of the week by Mrs. Hanger.

“Tyler is an intelligent, polite, very personable, and friendly student,” stated Mrs Hanger.

Tyler is the president of Jump Club, Bernardo Yorba’s Medical Science Academy. He also visited Esperanza High School Academy Night, and introduced himself to the head of Esperanza Medical Science Academy, Mrs. Easton. “Tyler made a big, favorable, impression on Mrs. Easton at EHS,” Mrs. Hanger explained.

“I enjoy learning more about science and doing the interesting labs,” Tyler stated. When chosen for student of the week, Tyler said, “I feel great and excited.”

Tyler does not find too many challenges in science. “I do not find anything challenging, it comes naturally to me,” he stated. In his free time, Tyler enjoys to play rugby and wrestle

Tyler also wanted to state, “Mrs. Hanger is really kind and teaches really well.”