Jessica Genadry Stars in a Nerf Rebelle Commercial

Photo Courtesy of Ava Tidwell

Photo Courtesy of Ava Tidwell

“I screamed when found out that I got the commercial, and then I ran to tell all of my friends,” said Jessica Genadry, eighth grade BYMS student.

Jessica will acting in -Nerf Rebelle, a nerf gun with toy bullets, commercial and it might involve some gymnastics. Jessica has been acting for three and a half years and auditioning in March 2014.

“I have taken acting classes at Barbizon OC and that was a one year process. It was also really expensive ($3,000) but was totally worth it,” stated Jessica.

After the first round of auditions for the commercial about 300  actors were sent to the second round. An actor is extremely lucky if they get a callback because at this point because -judges have weeded out about 250 people according to Jessica Genadry.

“In the callbacks they continue to eliminate people from the 50 picked, and I just happened to be one of the few,” stated Jessica Genadry.

Currently Jessica is enrolled on campus in Mrs. Swarm’s advanced drama class as well Mrs. Nason’s vocal ensemble.