Red Ribbon Door Decorating Contest

Six BYMS fourth period classes were chosen as winners in the BYMS annual “Red Ribbon Week Door Decorating Contest” during the week of October 31st.

BYMS classes were challenged in this annual event to decorate doors with a message that creatively expressed the Red Ribbon Week message of saying no to drugs.

First place was  a tie between Mrs. Swarm and Mrs. Knox’s classes.“My 4th period class and I were excited to be awarded the top honor. We wanted to create the red ribbon is some sort of way that would “pop” out on the door, and the cupcake papers provided that opportunity, stated Mrs. Swarm. “It was also cool that the students got to express all the AMAZING reasons to be drug and alcohol free.” Mrs. Swarm added.

“The students in Room 303 were very proud to place in the door decorating contest. They really enjoyed making the projects and helping with the gluing onto the door,” Mrs. Knox reported.

” Everyone in Room 303 was involved in the creation of our class door. My adult aides helped the student aide put up the paper. The 8th graders helped pick out the font for our message and the 7th graders chose the spiders,” explained Mrs. Knox.  “We all worked together to make a pledge and complete our project. It was a fun and meaningful activity for all!” Mrs. Knox’s inspiration for the door was created with a drug theme in mind along with the flavor of “spooky” Halloween.

Mrs. Bailey’s art class came in second place. Mrs. Bailey’s inspiration came from several students who came up with the idea to post portraits of each other just saying “No” to drugs. “We were happy just to be recognized for our effort.”

Mrs. Stack, whose class door came in third place appreciated the effort of students in her class who showed initiative in designing and creating their door.  “I was really pleased with our 3rd place finish in the door decorating contest. The students who worked on decorating the door did a wonderful job and I am proud of them. I did not design the door. My door was entirely student-designed and created. I only helped by allowing them time to work on the door and providing some supplies such as paper, tape, and scissors,” explained Mrs. Stack.

“The five to eight students met frequently over a two week period and took care of everything. They started with concept and design and then fleshed out details as they went along. This was an excellent effort by the core group of students who included Alyssa Garcia, Emily Ito, Nina Guzman, Corinne Green, and Beth Conrad,”she added.

Mrs. Perez’s class took  fourth place. “This year’s door decorating for room 302 was a collaborative effort with a group of students who were willing to work before and after school, during break and lunch and after school,” stated Mrs. Perez.

“Tyler Diaz, Ethan Ogren, Sophiana Hallintar, Eileen Stevens, Katie Kuwarhara, Dakota Goken, Harrison Duong, and Shane Norys designed, planned and created the design which I thought was creative, visually interesting, and included a clear message. I thought having all of the students in fourth period sign the raindrops was a great touch. Also adding the decorations on the window added emphasis and interest to the overall design,” added Mrs. Perez.

“Every year I enjoy participating in the door decorating contest,” stated Mrs. Breneman, whose class took fifth place.  “It is always fun to see what creative ideas the students come up with. Our inspiration this year was the fall season and the popularity of owls, so we decided to incorporate both of those with the anti drug theme. I appreciate all of the students in my 4th period class who participated and helped with this event.  I am proud of the creativity and efforts of the students!”

Miss Barton’s class took sixth place. “A big shout out to all the boys in my 4th period study skills for supporting each other in the contest however they could,” stated Miss Barton. “I take no credit for the theme. The boys came up with it and I just supported them in following through,” Mrs. Barton reported.