Composition Skills Student of the Week: Audrey Decker

photo courtesy of Ethan Ogren

photo courtesy of Ethan Ogren

“Audrey is a very bright student, a diligent worker, a terrific writer, and has excellent citizenship, ” stated Mrs. Breneman about her choice of Audrey Decker as “BYMS Compositon Student of the Week.”

Audrey’s initial reaction of being chosen for student of the week was to be surprised. Her favorite activity in the class is writing  the journal on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Mrs. Breneman said, “Audrey is a polite and courteous student. She comes to class prepared to learn and always has a smile and a positive attitude!”

“Audrey demonstrates great writing skills! I always enjoy reading her Journal entries,” stated Mrs. Breneman.

Audrey thinks that the hardest activity in class is the vocab pyramid,. ”

“All I have to say is that I love this class and I am also excited for health next quarter,” stated Audrey.