Science Student of the Week: Caleb Tassi

photo courtesy of Ethan Ogren

photo courtesy of Ethan Ogren

Caleb Tassi, BYMS 8th grader, has been selected as BYMS science student of the week by Mr. Seitz, BYMS science and social studies teacher.

Mr. Seitz believes Caleb has earned his student of the week recognition. He states, “Caleb is student who is always on task.. He is all about his responsibilities and duties, and so is ready to learn.” Mr. Seitz  added ,“Caleb is a great participator. He is always eager t contribute to the conversation.”

Caleb was surprised to be chosen as student of the week. He stated, “I never thought that out of all the people who could have been chosen, I was chosen.” Caleb enjoys reading from the book, and studying the forces. Caleb believes the most difficult part of Mr. Seitz class is the scientific calculation problems.

Outside of school, Caleb enjoys playing center in basketball, and uses his height to his advantage.

In a final statement Caleb explained, “My teacher, Mr. Seitz, has been the greatest teacher because he is very specific and I can understand what he is talking about.”