ELD Student Of the Week: Nathalie Castro


Photo Courtesy of Shubh Shah

Nathalie Castro, 7th grader, has been selected by Mrs. Picker as ELD’s Student of the Week.

“Nathalie has a positive attitude about her classwork and ha grown her skills because of it,” says Mrs. Picker, Bernardo’s ELD Teacher. Nathalie is a 7th grader who is in ELD (English Language Development). “We are learning to take Cornell notes and she is doing a wonderful job,” Mrs. Picker also stated.

Nathalie is from Peru and before she learned English, she learned Spanish. Her favorite activity in class is when all of the students read Wonder : By R.J. Palicio together. “I felt really happy and thankful that Mrs. Picker chose me for Student of the Week, I would like to thank Mrs. Picker for choosing me,” said Nathalie.

“Nathalie is always prepared to work and participate with her notebook out and pencil ready,” said Mrs. Picker. Congratulations Nathalie, keep up the good work.