Perfect Attendance Equals Ice Cream Party

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“I think that since there are so many students that have perfect attendance in October it really shows that the students at BYMS care about their education,” said BYMS Assistant Principal, Mr. Marshall.

Bernardo had an ice cream party for anyone who had perfect attendance in the month of October. There were 478 students that attended the ice cream party on November 4.

“I am pleased that students at BYMS take attendance seriously and for that I am happy that they get rewarded with ice cream,” stated BYMS Principal Mr.Valburg.

The ice cream party was held at the multi purpose room at lunch. There were lines of students waiting to get their ice cream. More than half of the school that had perfect attendance in the month of October.

“I think coming to school is important because I don’t need to make up my homework or if I need help on homework I could just ask my teachers,” stated BYMS student Tyler Padgett.